Remove The Blinders Or Perish

Whether tackling engagement, retention, stress, or sales, savvy leaders realize that unseen mental patterns keep people and organizations stuck, ineffective, and unhappy…blocking positive change.

Mindset expert, Dr. Steve helps people discover their blindspots and awaken to their true potential.

Watch the videos below to see how Dr. Steve’s audiences benefit from his transformational program…

Why have just a speaker, when you can have an experience?

The world is full of speakers with a message to share who stand on a stage and talk at you. While their message may be useful, it’s painful to sit through a boring lecture.  Dr. Steve offers a unique approach, a fun interactive display that delivers an unforgettable experience and bottom-line results. We call that the WOW Factor, and it’s what turns a good meeting into a great one!

Dr. Steve’s humor and enlightening messages blend to form a powerful, and fully-customizable, presentation crafted to help your attendees remove mental barriers and master the relationship between attitude and success.

More than 350,000 people have been touched by Dr. Steve’s empowering message! Here's why...

"Well – this might be a first! Your course is the first on-line course
that I have followed through to the end. Typically I join the classes with the best
of intentions and get behind on the lessons and … drop off. But this course has been
so helpful in highlighting and shifting my procrastination that I could carry through to graduation."
- Bev Doern
“Dr. Steve shows you how to release your brakes,
snap out of your comfort zone,
and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!”
-Brian Tracy, Sales Guru
“Dr. Steve is an enlightened physician dedicated to helping the entire world with his amazing entertainment and powerful communication skills.”
- Mark Victor Hansen, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
"Wow, you're absolutely amazing!"
-Jack Canfield, Author, The Success Principles
"Terrific! You really hit the nail on the head and provided some great teaching. We all know that we can only manifest externally to the degree we believe in ourselves internally. The information you shared can provide anyone with a system; a methodology of building their internal greatness."
-Bob Burg, Author (The Go Giver)
"Dr. Steve has an incredible understanding of the people in our industry. He brings deep wisdom, powerful tools and FUN to his work, and he has a magical way of getting direct sellers in action!"
-Jane Deuber, Direct Selling Guru
"Steve, I love your new program helping people overcome procrastination! You’ve taken an emotional issue and found a practical way to solve it. To have such a clear checklist on why we procrastinate and then implementable steps for overcoming those issues is just priceless!"
-Dana Wilde, The Mind Aware
"You are an amazing human being! I have learned so much about myself and others through your book and this course and I am truly grateful to know you and be a part of this group…. You are a blessing to Humanity! Thank you, thank you again! It is a privilege to know you and I owe a lot of the “new me” that is transforming.. to you!:) can’t wait for more!!"
-Bobbi sikes

A great presentation without the fuss

From the booking process to planning, and the event itself, you’ll find Dr. Steve one of the easiest people to work with, thanks to his professionalism and easy-going personality. No outlandish demands or extravagant requests. Working with Steve is a hassle-free, straight-forward process with the ultimate goal to plan and execute the best possible presentation for your event.

For Meeting Planners

Dr. Steve - The Smart Choice

With over 2500 presentations under his belt, Dr. Steve helps grow your business through inspiring keynotes and entertaining performances which mesmerize and educate members of your organization while unlocking their full potential. Dr. Steve offers THREE POWERFUL OPTIONS…

Keynote Speech

Take your organization to the next level of what's possible.

Dr. Steve’s interactive and entertaining approach delivers motivational and transformational messages that are custom tailored for your organization.

Theatre of the Mind

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

Members of the audience are the stars of this highly interactive hypnosis show that’ll have everyone in stitches as they witness the amazing power of belief.

Diamond Package

Keynote Presentation and Hypnosis Demonstration

A double-header combining Steve’s amazing show and powerful keynote to entertain, inspire and motivate members of your organization.

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