No, not *that* way. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Here’s what happened:

I’d just finished a hypnosis show at a prestigious university in New England (which shall remain nameless).

As I was walking down from the stage, three girls came rushing up to me. They looked like they’d just been slapped by a phantom.

Before I had a chance to open my mouth, one of the girls blurted out: “You’ve got to come to our dorm room quick! We don’t know what you did, but Sally thinks her name is Elizabeth!”

Ten or fifteen minutes earlier, I’d done one of my favorite routines on their friend — I hypnotized her into forgetting her name. Sometimes, when I do that, the person makes up a new name, which is what happened in this case. Hence, Sally became Elizabeth!

It always gets folks howling with laughter.

This time, even I got caught up in the excitement and I completely forgot to UNhypnotize her before the end of the show. Her friends thought it was some kind of scam — like, maybe I spoke to her before the show and she was in on the joke or something — but when they saw that she really did think her name was Elizabeth, they panicked!

Thankfully this story had a happy ending.

I unhypnotized their friend, and as far as I know, she lived happily ever after (as Sally) — though I’m sure she still gets teased about this from time to time.


This story is funny, but it also carries an important lesson.

One that is especially important for entrepreneurs, direct sellers, network marketers, or anyone who aspires to do something great with their life.

Here it is:

Your sense of reality is very, very malleable.

(It’s one of the reasons why, when you’re dreaming, most of the time you have no idea that you’re dreaming and accept it as your reality.)

Just like Sally had been hypnotized into believing that her name was Elizabeth, many entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business leaders, and aspiring change-makers have been hypnotized by society’s machine into believing all kinds of nonsense about wealth, and power, and success.

Nonsense that holds you back, keeps you playing small, and stops you from realizing the success you deserve. Nonsense we need to erase.

That’s why I created my UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs audio program.

It’s a powerful subconscious reprogramming CD that you listen to every day for at least 21 days. It removes negative programming. It releases fear and anxiety about making calls, presenting to prospects, and winning new business. It feeds your unconscious mind with a winner’s mentality and makes it fertile ground for achievement and success.

Direct Selling Live awarded it a Top 25 Must-Have Item.

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