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Boost Mood and Productivity In the Great Outdoors…Contributed by Sally Keys

I seldom post the content of other authors here on my blog page. Not that there aren’t some excellent authors out there, but generally, it’s my voice people come to hear on this platform. Nonetheless, I’m making an exception in this case. This wonderful and generous woman, Sally Keys, approached me to share her work. As a fan of mine, she knew the sorts of things that I value, and she wrote what I think …
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Secrets Of Self Hypnosis: Do YOU Have What It Takes?

I make my living helping people rewire their brains for a happier and more successful life. Whether I’m doubling your sales or eliminating your anxiety, my passion is the same; to give you back choice. Emotionally healthy individuals have choice about their lives. Should I do this job or that? Should I stay in this relationship or leave? Should I engage socially with this group or another? Should I eat that chocolate death bomb or …
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