First, a little entertainment

Dr. Steve kicks off your event with his amazing “Theatre of the Mind” show. A skillful blend of hilarious hypnosis and mind-bending magic serve as the basis for a powerful lesson in the keynote presentation.

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Next, the “Edutainment”

After the show segment of the program, Dr. Steve provides a keynote “Edutainment” presentation that teaches your team how to hypnotize themselves out of fear, doubt and discouragement…and into inspired action!

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Customized for your organization

As with all of Dr. Steve’s performances, the entertainment and keynote presentation are specially tailored for your organization. Thanks to Dr. Steve’s diversified talents, your company message and goals are delivered wrapped in entertainment so your audience is always engaged, while learning valuable principles at the same time.

Why Start With A Hypnosis Show?

Starting with a show that asks,
“How do beliefs affect results?”
Dr. Steve creates two important pre-requisites for learning: eagerness and curiosity.

By the time time Dr. Steve takes the stage to deliver his keynote, the audience is
already clamoring to understand what they’ve seen…and they already LOVE him!

Here’s Garrett McGrath, president of ANMP, reintroducing Dr. Steve for his keynote...and explaining the transition from entertainment to empowerment!

My hypnosis and magic shows are an entertaining reminder of what’s possible when the source of our inspiration is set free. I offer people a chance to play, to imagine, and to reclaim their childlike lightness through laughter, fun and astonishment.

- Steve Taubman, Excerpt from UnHypnosis

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