Mind bending presentations that get lasting results.

Dr. Steve engages members of your organization with thought-provoking presentations that resonate at the deepest level. His experience as an author, physician, hypnotist and speaker – coupled with his fascination for the subconscious mind – have inspired Dr. Steve to redefine how the human mind is wired and what creates our limits… and to develop proven methods to unhypnotize ourselves from our habitual thoughts, building a foundation for success.

Guaranteed Engagement Beginning To End!

Dr. Steve’s clever blend of fast-paced humor, magic, stories and mental demonstrations will motivate, astonish and amuse your audience, while teaching your group how to harness the unbelievable power of the subconscious mind.

Valuable Lessons On How To...

  • Overcome emotions like fear, doubt, and discouragement
  • Reduce stress and have fun in every moment
  • Become magnetic to clients, coworkers, and prospects
  • Positively influence others without manipulation or coercion
  • Improve your bottom line: More sales, recruits and referrals
  • Bounce back from frustrations and disappointment
  • Think on your feet and respond effectively in every situation
  • Experience a sense of ownership in your business
  • Elegantly manage conflict, crisis and change
  • Lead and empower others more effectively

Infuse presentations with YOUR message and goals

Dr. Steve customizes his presentation specifically to your organization, working closely with you and your team to understand your key concerns. These are seamlessly integrated into his presentation for a powerful learning experience taught with humor, stories, and magic. Your organization will remember the lessons…and the laughter.

More than 350,000 people from every English speaking country on the planet have been touched by Dr. Steve’s empowering message!

"Well – this might be a first! Your course is the first on-line course
that I have followed through to the end. Typically I join the classes with the best
of intentions and get behind on the lessons and … drop off. But this course has been
so helpful in highlighting and shifting my procrastination that I could carry through to graduation."
- Bev Doern
“Dr. Steve shows you how to release your brakes,
snap out of your comfort zone,
and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!”
-Brian Tracy, Sales Guru
“Dr. Steve is an enlightened physician dedicated to helping the entire world with his amazing entertainment and powerful communication skills.”
- Mark Victor Hansen, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
"Wow, you're absolutely amazing!"
-Jack Canfield, Author, The Success Principles
"Terrific! You really hit the nail on the head and provided some great teaching. We all know that we can only manifest externally to the degree we believe in ourselves internally. The information you shared can provide anyone with a system; a methodology of building their internal greatness."
-Bob Burg, Author (The Go Giver)
"Dr. Steve has an incredible understanding of the people in our industry. He brings deep wisdom, powerful tools and FUN to his work, and he has a magical way of getting direct sellers in action!"
-Jane Deuber, Direct Selling Guru
"Steve, I love your new program helping people overcome procrastination! You’ve taken an emotional issue and found a practical way to solve it. To have such a clear checklist on why we procrastinate and then implementable steps for overcoming those issues is just priceless!"
-Dana Wilde, The Mind Aware
"You are an amazing human being! I have learned so much about myself and others through your book and this course and I am truly grateful to know you and be a part of this group…. You are a blessing to Humanity! Thank you, thank you again! It is a privilege to know you and I owe a lot of the “new me” that is transforming.. to you!:) can’t wait for more!!"
-Bobbi sikes

Keynote Presentations

The following represent some of Dr. Steve’s core keynote presentations and suggestions for accompanying workshops. Program content can be custom tailored to best suit your organization:

Peak Performance and Productivity

Performing at our best, getting more done, and doing so in a positive state of mind are often elusive goals in today’s stressful world. We frequently start out with great intentions only to fall short of our objectives, disappointing ourselves and others. Imagine if we could count on ourselves to not only follow through, but to surprise ourselves with greater achievement than we thought possible!

KEYNOTE: Unclog Your Brain! Removing Mental Barriers to Success

In this tranformational and interactive program based on Dr. Steve’s Procrastination Annihilation course, Dr. Steve shows you how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind to get more done while maintaining a calm, balanced, and positive state of mind.

Team Members Will Learn How To:

  • Quiet their minds and release unwanted thoughts and beliefs
  • Communicate with their subconscious to access motivation
  • Develop a compelling action plan that invites follow-through
  • Quickly release stress and recover from discouragement
  • Manage their energy to make work enjoyable and fun

Suggested Workshop: The Seven Steps for Getting Things Done

Most of us have great ideas on a regular basis, yet few of us ever follow them to completion. Often, we’re frustrated to discover that an idea we had was also thought of by someone else who had the perseverance to do something with it.

In this practical workshop your team will learn a reliable seven step system you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life to easily move any idea or goal to action and to maximize your chances of success.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leadership in business and in life offers us the opportunity to make a difference; to empower others and to change the world for the better. But true leadership comes from an inner quality that must be learned, developed and nurtured; not merely from being given a title. Leadership is about who we are, not what we do…and as we become true leaders, we invite others to do the same.

Keynote: Lead with Presence! Using Mindfulness to Connect and Empower

In this inspiring and entertaining keynote based on his UnHypnosis system, Dr. Steve explores the three phases of leadership and the tools needed to develop the inner leader in order to master our minds and understand what we can do to leave a mark on the world.

Team Members Will Learn How To:

  • Identify their leadership style and enhance their impact
  • Tap into a calm center to access wisdom and balance
  • Communicate respectfully to get the most from others
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people and situations
  • Quickly release the inevitable stress of being a leader

Suggested Workshop: Mindfulness Meditation for Leaders

Meditation; no longer the domain of just Eastern philosophers and New Age thinkers; is a mainstream tool being used by almost every successful corporation and leader in the world, with remarkable results and an unquestionable track record for decreasing stress and increasing effectiveness.

In this interactive workshop, Dr. Steve shares the latest research on how meditation affects the brain and demonstrates a simple method for introducing brief, effective meditation practices into our day to day lives which will improve our focus, increase our intelligence, and cultivate our compassion.

Sales Mastery

Sales isn’t about manipulating or coercing others. It’s a relationship of mutual trust and benefit. In a very real sense, we’re all selling all the time; sharing our points of view, hoping to influence others…and even ourselves…in a positive way. Ultimately, it’s not our product or service we must sell, but ourselves. By cultivating authenticity, we become engaging, influential, and magnetic…and we naturally sell more.

KEYNOTE: The MAGIC of Inner Selling! Discovering The Magnetic You

In this content-rich talk based on his award-winning UnHypnosis for Sales Professional program, Dr. Steve introduces the five steps for developing a predictably effective mindset for developing rapid rapport, influencing others with integrity, and quickly recovering from discouragement.

Team Members Will Learn How To:

  • Tap into their inner sales genius to make more sales
  • Release limiting beliefs that keep them from closing
  • Create trust and safety with prospective clients
  • Maintain a positive attitude free of attachment
  • Open their minds to a wealth of new opportunity

Suggested Workshop: The Daily 8

Mastering our energy so we remain calm, confident, and optimistic is of paramount importance to the sales professional. Any hint of fatigue, frustration, or neediness is a red flag to a prospective client. We have a responsibility to be at our best so we can give with love and respect at all times.

In this informative workshop, Dr. Steve shares his system for starting every new day with energy and enthusiasm, while increasing focus and resourcefulness. Attendees will leave with an action plan for getting the most out of every day with a brief, easy-to-follow morning process, guaranteed to increase sales!

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