Dr. Steve Taubman, author of BUDDHA IN THE TRENCHES, shares philosophy, science, and humor, interviews business experts and thought leaders, and challenges your understanding of the human mind, providing the latest revelations and the most enduring wisdom on happiness, productivity, and success. Personal development, leadership, and organizational culture are explored in an honest, lighthearted way, and each show leaves listeners with useable tools to enhance their business and personal lives.

Top thought leaders agree, Dr. Steve brings out their very best! Here’s guest, Ryan Long, thanking Dr. Steve for a recent show

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EZ 28 | Employee Engagement
  So often, people go to work and leave their full hearts behind. They only simply do what they’re told to do, losing that connection and spark that makes work fulfilling. Many employees now separate themselves from their job. In this episode, I’m joined by speaker, author, and business consultant Larry Friis, as we discuss his work on increasing employee engagement. How do we get people to work as if they are working for themselves?
EZ 27 | Reframe Reality
  We all think a certain way, and we think that the way we think is the right way to think. The reality of the matter is that in almost any situation in your life, there are ways you can shift the way you look at it and in doing so, shift the results that you get. In this episode, I’m joined by life coach and transformational speaker, Mat Shaffer. This is a lively and upbeat conversation about
EZ 26 | Power Of The Team

Build Teams with Lou Dennig

Posted by SteveTaubman on September 26, 2018
Category: Podcast
  Join me and Emmy nominated producer, Lou Dennig talking about Developing Teamwork! Lou is a four-time Emmy nominated Executive Producer and Studio Executive who has influenced daytime television in some of the most significant programming content of the last two decades. Dennig is the man behind the gavel of some of the most successful Court Shows on TV including Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, and DIVORCE COURT where he
EZ 25 | Manage Uncertainty
  Uncertainty is somewhat the norm in business. In fact, one of the few things that we can be certain about is that we’re going to experience uncertainty. Yet most of us have come unglued when we face the unpredictable. It stresses us out. What it comes down to is that things can either turn out good or bad. We’re equally likely to have things in one way or the other, but we’re much more
EZ 24 | Inspire Integrity
  John Stewart Hill, The GOOD Contractor, is the Founder of The Good Contractors List in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, a business designed to protect homeowners from shady contractors. His high integrity business model, that offers a third party $10,000 guarantee to the homeowners that use his list of contractors, has earned him entrepreneurial awards, public recognition, and the respect of many in the contracting industry. John has been featured on radio, TV,