This is the first post on my new blog site. Please visit me here often for thoughts, ideas, and strategies to implement a mindful approach to your life and success. This blog is for anyone interested in their own consciousness and how it influences their success and happiness.

My friend and meditation coach, Barry, reminds me to make the following disclaimer up front. You won’t believe anything I say.

Why? Because everything that’s causing your misery, suffering, failure, and frustration, that you’d like to LOSE,  is housed in the very same ego structure that’s trying to keep itself alive. So, when I say things like, “Nothing matters,” your ego will get up on its high horse and insist that “of course things matter!” You’ll argue to keep your position, your beliefs, and your worries. That’s what the ego does. As Rinpoche said, “Your ego will always try to convince you that whatever you’re thinking about (worrying about, arguing about, etc.) is VITALLY important.”

And that’s the very trick we’re going to try to expose here. Because when you stop allowing your mental programming to define and limit you, your life will improve in every possible way. So, if you read diligantly and practice the tools I share, you’ll see through the illusion…


Other times, you’ll fall back into your head and you’ll suffer. If I do my job correctly, eventually you’ll get weary of trying to prove yourself right and you’ll just relax into a new paradigm…one that’s characterized by joy, success, and fun. When you get there, I’ll be waiting (unless I’m in my own sh*t at the time! :))

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