Turns out that if you eat something that’s supposedly good for you, but you hate the way it tastes, you won’t get the benefit of it. Your digestive process starts with salivation, which requires desirability. If you can’t get your juices flowing, you won’t digest that meal, and the nutrients will be lost.

Same applies to your business planning. If your goals and objectives for next quarter are comprised only of numbers and graphs, that is if they’re dry, you’re not nearly as likely to achieve those objectives as if you made them juicy.

How do you make your goals juicy? How do you whet your appetite for success? Visualization. You need to see the outcome in your mind…and you need to see the outcome of the outcome. To do the latter, you need to ask yourself, if I hit the goal, what will that give me? What will it feel like? What will it taste like? What will I see, hear, smell, etc.

Create a clear vision of your desired outcome in sensory-rich detail, relax and allow yourself to luxuriate in the image frequently, and you’ll substantially increase your drive, motivation, and perseverance.

Make your goals juicy, and your results will nourish you even before they’re achieved.

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