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We use the word manifestation in being able to create the life of our dreams, to create what we want, to have an impact on our outcomes. The person that I’ll be introducing to you is an expert in that area. In this episode, I’ll be discussing the Law of Attraction and how to manifest what you want with transformation coach, Deborah Knight. Deborah is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, consultant, seminar leader, creator of The Magic Manifestation which is a six-week coaching program, and also a Law of Attraction coach, Intuitive Guide and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing.

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Master Manifestation with Deborah Knight

The topic for our conversation is about mastering manifestation. In the personal development world, we use the word manifestation as being able to create the life of your dreams, to create what we want, and to have what you see in mind have an impact on your outcomes. The person that I’ll be introducing to you is an expert in that area. We all heard of things like the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. We understand that the mind has an impact on our world. There is a wide variance in terms of people’s acceptance of this idea, which makes me very happy. You could be a skeptic, a cynic. You can think of this as a complete hogwash or you could be somebody who embraces it warmly and lovingly. You still belong in this conversation. We’ve got so much to talk about here. What is our responsibility in terms of how we think?

In my life, there have been times when I overcame some big mental block, something which I felt stuck. I overcame it in some way. After overcoming it, I found that it almost seems that the universe became instantly magical. It almost seems that suddenly, doors were opening that I couldn’t possibly open. I tend to be on the skeptical-cynical side of life. I’m a pragmatist. I like proof and evidence of things. The Law of Attraction is not something that is 100% evidence-based. I can’t prove to you that it works every time and why sometimes it works on others. Weird stuff has happened in my life. I’m delighted and tickled by some of the ways which the universe seems to cooperate with the particular mindset. 

This is one of my favorite stories. It’s in my first book on hypnosis. It goes back in days when I decided to sell my chiropractic private practice. It was a very difficult decision to make. I was a successful doctor for a lot of years. I had every reason to keep doing it in perspective of finances, in perspective of contribution, and years upon years of education, yet it felt obligatory. I had to do it. I got to the point where there’s no choice but to say it’s time to move on. To do something that my heart said, “It’s time to move on.” I overcame my fear. I jumped into the buoy. I sold my chiropractic practice and went to Guatemala to learn how to speak Spanish and have a vision quest. Before going to Guatemala, I came across the book. The book was called How to Win by Quitting. It gave me a lot of insight in that process on how to be courageous enough to go somewhere that had no defined outcome. I did it. When I read that book, I was so impressed by it that I contacted the author. This was before I was an author, before I realized that it’s sometimes possible to contact authors. Lo and behold, we’re human beings.

I sold my chiropractic practice. I went to Guatemala. I was a little bit trepidatious, a little afraid of what comes next in my life but I’m going to do it. Let me try something new. I was walking down the street in Antigua, Guatemala one day. Lo and behold down the street I saw a sign for a chiropractic office. I thought, “That’s interesting,” and I went over this chiropractic office. There’s a chiropractor. His name is Todd, a typical Spanish name. He was an American expatriate who had decided to open up a practice in Guatemala of all places. I told him, “I’m Steve. I’m a chiropractor from the United States.” He said, “You’re a chiropractor, I haven’t seen another chiropractor in six months. Can you give me an adjustment?” I was out of practice for a day and now I was back to work.

I gave the guy an adjustment. I finished up and we came out of the treatment room and sitting in the waiting room was this American guy. He stood up and turned to me and turn to Todd and said, “I’m Steve. I’m a chiropractor from the United States.” I was like, “That’s my line. I’m Steve. I’m a chiropractor.” I said, “Where do you practice?” He says, “I don’t practice. I just sold my practice.” He was the same as me. We decided to go out for lunch and figure all this mystery out. We went out on the street, opened up our backpack and took out a hat. We both took out the same hat. It’s the state that I’m from. We ended up going to his room to get his money so we can eat out for lunch. Sitting on the shelf in his room on his dresser was the book How to Win by Quitting. I told him how I talked to the author. He tells me, “I talked to the author too.”

We’re both Geminis. We both had been married. We’re both good friends with our ex-wives. We’ve both been members of a men’s group, a consciousness-raising men’s group together. We ended up running into each other multiple times throughout Guatemala after we part company. Then in another country, again in El Salvador, we run into each other. This whole thing keeps happening. I’m giving you the thumbnail of this so you’d go by the book and read more of it because it’s a crazy story. 

When I got back to the United States I was talking to the guy who bought my chiropractic practice telling him that I’m about to take another trip because at that point I was a private pilot. I had an airplane. I’d be flying across the country and my first stop was going to go see this guy, Steve, who I’ve developed this bizarre synchronistic relationship with. I said, “My first stop is in Montana.” He says, “I used to live in Montana. That’s where my practice is.” I said, “I’m going to Bozeman.” He goes, “I used to live in Bozeman.” I said, “I’m about to see my friend who’s a chiropractor there. His name is Steve Forte.” The guy who bought my practice says, “He was my chiropractor.” Our friend bought his practice. I’ve had stuff like that happen in my life. I just had another one at the Habitude Warrior Conference where I was roaming with a guy named Steve. We were both named Steve. We both had fathers Jerry and Lenny who were both going into for heart surgery the next morning and got out of surgery at the same time the next morning with equally positive results thankfully. I say all that because I think the universe does work in mysterious ways.

Although I’m not spending a lot of my time teaching the Law of Attraction, I do respect people who do. I do respect that there’s something to be said about this. From a pure state of wonder, I want to get it from the horse’s mouth. Having said all this, this lovely woman is Deborah Knight. Deborah is an energetic compassionate straight-to-the-heart keynote speaker. She’s a bestselling author, consultant, seminar leader and creator of The Magic Manifestation, a six-week coaching program. Deborah has trained with the Coaches Training Institute. She believes that you truly are resourceful, creative and whole. She helps you to see that for yourself. She’s also a Law of Attraction coach, Intuitive Guide and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing. Deborah utilizes many energy techniques with her clients including tapping their EFT, helping overcome adversity that may be holding people back. She also has this amazing ability to write down complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts, which is something that I try to pride myself in. This is why Deborah and I get along so well. You’re going to see some amazing things from Deborah. 

I am thrilled that I got to meet you finally. We had a Facebook or a text connection that you too had to meet. Then before we knew it, we were in the same conference together, sharing the stage of having laughs and other things like hypnotism.

Deborah was one of the volunteers for my hypnosis show. It was part of my corporate keynotes. In this particular case, we were doing this thing called a Habitude Warrior Conference. There were a lot of great entrepreneurial people and people working in real estate and insurance and people who want to use their minds to take their lives to the next level. I got to do a hypnosis show there with a message about the power of our minds and our consciousness. Deborah came up to be hypnotized and she got hypnotized big time. It was super fun. One of the other people up there was our mutual friend Mat Shaffer. Mat and Deborah were both hypnotized sitting side by side. They thought they were watching a romantic movie cuddling with each other.

What I thought was so amazing is that I was so aware the entire time. I knew what you were saying, where you’re standing and what was happening to everybody there. I was thinking to myself, my logical mind was going, “You’re not going to do that.” I couldn’t help myself. It was bizarre and fascinating.

The relationship that we have between her conscious and a subconscious mind is an intriguing one. It differs from person to person. For someone like you, Deborah, who is intuitive, who’s in tune with your own inner world, your relationship with your subconscious mind is much closer than a lot of people have. Most people walk around clueless. They have no idea why they think the way they think, why they do what they do, why they were in the same lousy relationships again and again. They wake up in the morning and they have no idea what they dreamt the night before because that’s a whole different world. Whereas somebody who has been doing the inner work often has a much fuzzier line between the conscious and the subconscious. You get all the benefit of being hypnotized, being drawn into something, being hyper-creative, and hyper-imaginative. It’s that sense that no time went by. It’s like an hour went by and you don’t feel like it came by at all.

It was fascinating to be so aware. It was validation for me too because I kept saying, “I’m not hypnotized.” As I was up there, I was doing these things. It was G-rated, just so you know. It was all good.

It’s my great delight to have this as a profession. There are so many different people talking on stage. I want to demonstrate something on it and have some fun along the way. First of all, you’re a well-studied individual. You’re smart, you’re wise. You’ve done a lot of study in this area of the Law of Attraction, mindfulness and manifestation. A lot of people are dubious in manifestation. Just the very word sometimes, it’s like a hippie word. I’m prefacing this because I’m talking to you look like a peer, as another pragmatic and intelligent person with your feet firmly on the ground here in the real world. Any of my audience members I believe would relate to it. There’s something so let’s talk about that. 

One of the things that we got along so well about is that we’re not in the woo-woo world, but we can go there. I do but it’s not where I live. I live here. That’s why I can resonate so well with so many different people and to help them understand and bring the science into it too. There is a science. These are laws that cannot be changed. They are not laws that a group of people got together and voted on. These are the laws of the universe. It’s the way it works. The way the energy flows and flows from us, around us, through us. Once you can tap into that, it is magical.

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What are some of the areas in life for which this practice can be of value particularly in the work that you do? Where do you help people apply the Law of Attraction and manifestation? Maybe you can back up and define that for our audience for the first time. I don’t think that anybody is reading it for the first time. 

Manifestation is taking something that you see in your mind’s eye and bringing it down into reality and making that happen. The Law of Attraction, I’ve progressed so much in it and I now understand that you’re not attracting anything to you, it’s who you’re being. That’s what it attracts. It’s who you’re emerging as your true self that is and then things come to you. It’s not you attracting anything, it’s you going in and being who you’re supposed to be, then things naturally come your way.

Is it possible that what’s happening is that we’re getting out of our own way?

The ego goes away. Everybody is talking about mindfulness now. What I teach my clients is that if you’re going down that rabbit hole, you’re going to be more aware and mindful of your thoughts and your emotions that are coming up from it. Your emotions give the charge to the vibe that creates the reality. I have this whole talk. Words, thoughts or triggers create an emotion. The emotion creates the vibe that you put out, the vibe creates your reality. If your reality is not what you want, you’ve got to start going backwards. If you think about it, meditation is plugging into the source energy.

We perhaps have the capacity to live a life that’s got less effort, less struggle and less mental baggage associated with it. There’s this need to let go of layers of habitual thinking. The problem arises when we’re attached to or identified with our habitual thinking.

It’s who we are. It’s our belief system. We’ve got to get rid of the BS of your life. It’s not what you think, it’s your belief system because we don’t know it’s negatively impacting us.

What happens is that if your belief system is askew, you are forcing that belief system based on your life’s experience. I want to start creating something positive in my life. You’re saying thoughts create energy, the energy creates momentum and creates an attractive force. The thoughts that I’m having are associated with years of experience and evidence that my life doesn’t work and that I can’t have what I want. How do we flip that switch?

It’s a challenge sometimes especially if you’re in that world that has been a lot of negativity around your life. Abusive situations make it even more of a challenge, but not impossible. It’s becoming aware. Once you’re aware that this is what’s happening, it becomes easy to go from here, “I’m having the thought. There is a space between the thought and the emotion.” Awareness comes in the middle, it stops and goes, “I can’t have that emotion because that’s the charge that will create the reality that I don’t want to. How can I go from this thought that’s prevalent in my mind every single day? I’m worrying. How can I change that to something else?” I have fun. It’s a game that I create. It’s helping them create a new emotion, a new vision in their mind.

When we were little, we used to imagine all the time. For some people, it’s challenging because they haven’t experienced a lot of joy or abundance. I have them use their imagination and go to a place. You can feel it when they’re going there and they’re talking about it. The smell, the taste, the vision, everything. They embody that in their body and that’s their tool. You can all use that as a tool when you’re spiraling into the negative emotions. Be aware that that’s what’s happening and that’s what’s creating the vibe and more what you don’t want. Change your thought. Take a moment. Shut your eyes. Go in the bathroom. Go for a walk, whatever it is that you need to do to energetically ground yourself in that imagination, into that vision and that joy. The joy is the higher vibration. It’s a different frequency. That’s one of the first tools I teach.

EZ 31 | Master Manifestation

Master Manifestation: Manifestation is taking something that you see in your mind’s eye and bringing it down into reality and making that happen.


You explain something in a way that I never thought about it before. That is the clearest explanation that I’ve ever heard. It’s the idea that it’s the emotions that create the ultimate drive or lack thereof toward our want, not the thought. What happens is people think, “I had a bad thought.”

We’re human. We’re going to have bad thoughts all day.

If the Law of Attraction requires that I think a certain way but I’m not thinking that way, I’m screwed. Every time I see myself thinking negatively, then I end up being upset about the fact that I’m upset. What you’re saying is that there is a gap. There’s this opening, there’s opportunity. I have a thought. I’m noticing why it wants to create this emotion, but I don’t have to go there at all. I could utilize my imagination to create imagery that’s more positive or happier and provisionally get out of the funk.

It can be a challenge especially when you’re first starting. I’d have these thoughts come up. Be gentle with yourself. They are negative thoughts. How many do we have? I have them all day long. I go, “Thank you very much. I don’t need you anymore.” I play with it. You have to have fun. We’re here to have fun. You can feel it. When you walk into a room and it’s a low vibe and it’s negative or there are angry people, we all feel that. That’s vibe that you’re creating. If you want to change that, you’ve got to change your internal world. If you change your internal world and your vibe, you walk into a room and you’re uplifted. You can change that whole vibe of that room. We all see that happen with certain people. We all have the capability.

My favorite play growing up was Man of La Mancha, the Don Quixote story, living the impossible dream. This guy who’s confronted by realities that include cruelty, low self-esteem and people beating themselves up and beating up on others, he comes up and he sees everything through the eyes of love and wonder. He says, “Maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it ought to be.” You’re grounded. You know what is. Be open to what could be.

When you said thoughts become things, it isn’t. What you think about expands. It only expands because you go to how it feels in your body. When you’re feeling those negative things come up, we all want to get constricted and it’s heavy and it brings us down. When it’s joyful and light, we expand. That’s the frequencies that you’re tapping into. You tap into the right frequency, you match the frequency of your desires. You can’t help but get that desire.

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What are some of the tools for matching up with a more positive frequency? What are some of the things you can do to elevate our energy level?

It doesn’t take a lot. All of us have the gifts and we’ve been given this map of what our life is going to look like. We’ve been given that at birth and we’ve been imagining it our entire lives. If you are thinking about it, imagining it, wanting it, desiring it and seeing it, it’s already yours. We just have to get out of the way. Think about that. You are thinking about things that you want in your life. With the person next to us it’s not all the same. There’s this wonderful world of abundance that we can each tap into. Take four minutes in the morning. A lot of people fail with consistency. How hard is it to take four minutes in the morning and embody that vision that you want in your life and make it simple to start? Have it something simple. I usually start mine out with think of something that you don’t normally see. Even if it’s a blue car, a red balloon or a yellow rose. Whatever it is, an object that’s easy but not normal in your everyday life, think about that every morning like it’s here. Have gratitude. Gratitude is the biggest elevator of tapping into that. If you do that for four minutes smelling it, seeing it and grateful, being full of joy for it and then go about your day, that is the first step.

Gratitude, I was getting ready to bring that part up. There are always nuances to everything that we talk about. On the one hand, somebody could say, “I keep on thinking about what I want but I never get it.” What’s that?

When you’re wanting, the universe is going to continue to have you wanting. You have to be grateful for what you already have. When you’re grateful for what is around you already and the things that are in your life, then the universe is going to give you more things to be grateful for. That’s why I don’t like to use desire. When you’re wanting and needing something, the universe is going to continue to give you that feeling of need and want.

This quality of experience during that four-minute period where part of it is, “I’m grateful for all the wonderful things I already have in my life. I’m grateful that I have a beautiful home. I’m grateful that I get to talk to awesome people like you,” that keeps me going. That’s not attracting something new. That’s just me grateful for what it is. It’s important. If I’m not mistaken, what I’m hearing is that if I’ve got a vision for something that I want in the future by bringing it into reality in my imagination, I already have it in a way. I can already be grateful for that thing I don’t yet have in physical reality, because I could squeeze all kinds of juice out of the picture. I might go and spend a month in Sicily this winter. If I do that, it would be great, but I’m not sitting around hoping that I finally feel good in Sicily. Instead, I’m picturing it. I’m already in Sicily. I’m already enjoying the experience. I’m grateful for the experience before it happens.

Pro athletes do this all the time. They envision them at the finish line or with the ring on their hand. That’s how it works. Every day you envision this. They’ve done studies where they have one group of people work out and one group of people that just said, “I’m envisioning that I’m losing this weight. I’m envisioning this happening.” The people who do the visualization every day, almost 95% to 98%, it happens for them. It is the power of the mind. It blows me away. I get it now and it’s fun. You have to have fun with it.

The gratitude morning piece, there are a lot of studies on all the things you can do in expressing gratitude. Write down three things that you’re grateful for every morning. Send out a gratitude letter every day. It shifts your energy level. It makes you more optimistic. Even if you are a die-hard skeptic about all this stuff, you can at least get behind the idea that if you’re more optimistic, positive and energetic, you’re at least seeing things in your domain that you might have missed in a negative person.

EZ 31 | Master Manifestation

Master Manifestation: The people who do the visualization every day, almost 95% of the time it happens for them. It is the power of the mind.


It works. It’s the universal law. Whatever you’re thinking about and having the emotion about, it will show up in your life. The visualizations are important because you have to fully embody it. What happens a lot of times is they’ll have this thought, they’ll get into the emotion and the visualization and their very next thought is, “Yes, right.” Those are the belief systems that I work on with my clients to get rid of. Because when you say that, your mind is going to go to work. Your mind is a computer, it’s constantly working. It’s going to prove that you’re right. That other emotion comes up of, “Yes, right. You’re not worthy enough. You’re not smart enough.” Whatever that is, it’s going to come up. Your mind is going to prove that. It’s the universe pulling that towards you. That’s why it’s so important when you start going down that rabbit hole of stopping because you’re going to be more aware now. You’re going to be aware every day. Every day with that emotion, you’ll start to laugh at it. Then you’ll kick it away and say, “No, not today. Thank you very much,” and play with this.

It’s not the thought, it’s the relationship to the thought. We have those thoughts all day long, but we can change our relationship with them. To a certain extent, even with your emotions. Eventually, you can sit in the presence of what you might call an unpleasant emotion but see it at the level of sensation alone, it’s like, “I feel it here. I feel it there.” You don’t give it the power to generate negative thoughts.

They’ll say that a lot if you’re having a negative thought or a negative emotion to try to push it away. That’s the worst thing you can do. You have to go through it, process it and then come to the other side. Only when you get to the other side can you truly let it go.

We’re all afraid of our emotions. We’re afraid to feel feelings and so when the feeling arises, the next thought behind that feeling is one that does us no favor. It’s what the Buddhist calls the second arrow. It’s a cool idea. If you shoot me with an arrow, that hurts. If I took the arrow out and then shoot myself with it, then that’s plain stupid but that’s what you do all the time. You’re angry about being angry, “I can’t believe I’m angry again.” That’s being stupid. How do we notice that there is a mechanism in play? I had a fleeting thought that is disquieting. Instead of being, “I can’t believe I have that thought. What’s the matter with me?” You’re then going down the rabbit hole to be able to say, “There’s that thought. How interesting.”

It’s having compassion. It goes back to mindfulness and awareness that you know what is happening. You have an awareness that this is the normal behavior for you. Sometimes it’s the default. A lot of times we’ll have a default behavior. How I explain that is there’s a toboggan path in our brain. That’s our default. That’s where we go. We’re mindful and aware but then a life situation may take us over. When that happens, with mindfulness and awareness, we may get stressed out or something tragic may happen. All of that goes out and then we’re trying to function and survive. When that happens, that’s when you go into your default systems. Your default will go down that toboggan path. You’ll be doing this process for a while. Life happens and you start to do this.

That’s why most people give up at that point saying, “This stuff doesn’t work.” This is important to understand that it does work. Here’s what’s happening. As you’re being mindful and aware, you are developing another toboggan path. It takes how many times you have to go down the hill before that pathway is easy to go down. It’s this new path that takes a while. You’ve had maybe 20, 30, 40, 50 years of this predominant thought. That pathway is deep. Once you start to change it, the new pathway takes a little bit longer but stay with it. Eventually, that’s going to be the predominant thought and the old one goes away. The default is now your new one. That’s what I’ve seen happen for myself many times. The default thought doesn’t come up anymore. It’s consistency, staying with it over and over again and forgiveness.

I’m a pragmatist. I’m a rational guy. It’s the same way sometimes if you say affirmation. The affirmation violates your existing belief system and so it sounds wrong. The part of you says, “No that’s true. I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. People like me.” You realize it’s BS.

I don’t use the “I” affirmations. I teach to use instead of, “I am,” use “I’m in the process of.” Think about that. It even feels better on the body. Somebody might say, “I am wealthy.” That immediate thought comes up and says, “Yes, right. Who are you kidding?” Your body constricts but if you say, “I’m in the process of,” it’s neutral.

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It’s the reality of the moment. That’s where the imagination piece comes into. You say to somebody, “We’re playing a game.” I’m a hypnotist. All the ridiculous things I had you do were just a game. They weren’t true in the usual sense. They became true for your experience at the moment because you gave yourself over to the game. How has your life changed since you learned this stuff? 

It’s how I feel. I’m so much more grounded. There’s an inner peace inside of me. All the trauma that has happened in my lifetime no longer defined who I am. It’s a new story. It’s not my story to tell anymore almost. This is all through this work. I truly believe that in order for this to work well, it comes back to self-acceptance and self-love. That’s where the magic is. Once you figure that out for yourself and do that work, then the manifesting is so much easier because you don’t have those voices. That’s where I start. You’ve got to love. What is love in yourself mean? It’s getting to know yourself and accepting who you are.

Do you feel it gives you a better understanding of what you want? 

Clarity and focus. It’s bringing to life the dream and the gift that has always been inside me. It’s allowing it to emerge. When we were little kids, we dream about things we want to do when we’re an adult. What was it for you? What did you dream about?

It’s funny because when I was a kid, there was a big part of me that wanted to be an entertainer. I had to go down the New York Jewish boy routine of how to be a doctor or to be a lawyer. With my personality, I was always an entertainer. My life is a conglomerate of a lot of things because I’m a healer. I’m a thought leader but I’m an entertainer too. I get to be that. I get to incorporate that into the quality of what I do. It took me a while to fully embrace that.

It worked for me and we’re back to that self-love, acknowledging who I am and allowing that to emerge. This Law of Attraction is emerging. They’re talking about the acorn. An acorn has the hard exterior. What emerges from the acorn is this majestic oak tree. That’s like all of us. We are these beautiful creatures. There is an amazing gift inside of us that we’re supposed to bring forth into the world. The more work I do around that, the easier it is to manifest what you want because it’s already there. It’s already inside you. You’re already thinking about it. We all have different dreams, all of us. You put two people or three people in a room, they’re not going to have the same dream, unless you’re all at a speaker conference or something. I never thought in a million years I would be on a stage speaking ever because I was petrified of it. I was petrified to the point where in college, I got a medical excuse because I could not physically do it. Now, I can go on stage and it’s no problem. When I was little, that was my little dream when I was four or five. I remember thinking, “I’m going to be in front of a lot of people.” Then we have actresses and models. I couldn’t do either one of those, no way. It’s funny how it all comes around. I’m letting those visions emerge from within and manifest.

We often get lost along the way. As we embrace the fullness of who we are, a lot of it goes back to our childhood. It goes back to, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” 

That’s what makes it fun. That’s why I like to have fun with this because It’s not as serious or it doesn’t have to be serious or complicated as we make it. If we can remember and have somebody to guide us to have fun with, to hold our hand and play, we’re all here to play.

The interaction between mindfulness work, which is what I do and the Law of Attraction work, which is what you do, they interact with each other quite nicely. If I can help somebody get their minds quiet enough so that they can start to process their negative thoughts and emotions and to become a witness instead of the victim of those things, then that raises their energy level. They can be creative and imaginative, then the things they want start coming into their lives. They didn’t necessarily sit down, write it down or create and start out, “This is what I want.” Rather, they got out of their own way.

That’s the big thing. The universal law is the Law of Allowance, the Law of Gratitude. It truly is miraculous but it’s not because it’s the way it is. We grew up in a paradigm that doesn’t think of that. We haven’t been taught this stuff. Nobody has or very few people have been taught this. For the few who have, they are the 1%, the 10%. I talked to a couple of people and they were like, “I do it naturally.” I said, “How did you grow up?” They were in an environment where they were pushed to keep trying, to be curious. They didn’t have any of the negativity around them. In their worlds, whatever you wanted was possible. Unfortunately, the majority of people didn’t grow up like that.

What we could take away is to repair ourselves in such a way that we experience our lives as being full of possibility. It’s not as hard as we make it out to be. If we’re living as if it were that hard, then it’s worth looking at what part of us is making us believe that. 

The harder we work, the more we’re pushing it away. I know that’s hard to grasp.

I took a spiritual therapy workshop years ago. Sometimes we’re pushing so hard against the door to try to get in. We need to back up and let the door swing towards us. It’s like the universe is saying, “I’ll give you what you want, but stop pushing so hard.” That’s the thing that we’re trying to do. I definitely had that experience.

That is going to transition into another part of giving and being of service. If you are missing and lacking something in your life, then you need to start giving it. If you start giving it, you will start to receive more of it. If you’re feeling lack anywhere in your life, start giving, even if it’s a little bit. Some people don’t have the finances to give but you have time. We all have time. We all have resources somewhere that we can give.

We also all have presence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can give is your undivided attention. Be super present with people. Even though you have nothing else to give, people are starving for somebody to show up. It doesn’t cost a thing.

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I set my day up that way. Let’s talk about spiritual practice in the morning. What do we do so that our day stays on that high vibe? We were at a conference and it was 24/7 around people. I need to recharge after something like that. I didn’t always get in the daily morning ritual that I do. It can be challenging. When the work demands, are you on 24/7? That’s a good topic. What do we do to keep our vibration high so that we can continue to tap into the right frequency? I take quiet time. Being in a room like that, I feel the energy and then I have to go get rid of it somehow. I have my way of doing it. I’ve practiced this though. Even wiping away the energy from the other people in the room, going and taking five minutes, three minutes, two minutes if that’s all you have in the bathroom. Take a walk outside. Walking outside and grounding is one of the best things that you can do. Animals though, think about how many people went up and wanted to touch and pet a dog? Animals are a great way to ground us. Hugging and physical touch, I’m a huge hugger and it’s important. For me, it does something. It helps me.

Don’t you think we’re touch-deprived in our society more so than any time in history?

People are scared. When I see people it’s like, “It’s the first hug I’ve had in months.” I’m like, “Come here and let me hug you again.”

Pamela said, “Shoes off when I’m grounding myself outside.” I’m not sure what she needs might be a misprint.

That’s one of the things that happen to us. We made shoes that have rubber soles. The energy is not going through us. It’s not helping us ground with Mother Earth. That’s why a lot of people are being drawn to Mother Nature. We’re feeling this need to ground. The energy from the cosmos to the Earth that goes through us.

Take a nap, shut it all down. We’re on overdrive in our society. We think about, “Do, do, do.” Sometimes it’s pulling away and connecting with nature. I walk in the woods. That’s one of my favorites. I walk with Woody. I’m being very present when I do it. Don’t go take a walk in the woods and be talking on your phone. Take some time during your day during which time you are doing nothing other than being present at that moment. Another one for me is cherishing the mundane things that we do like washing the dishes. We often relegate it to multitasking, “I’m going to wash the dishes and I’m also going to watch TV or talk on the phone. I’ve got ten things going on while I’m doing that little thing.” If I just wash the dishes and I don’t have anything else going on while I’m doing it, I’m cherishing each dish. 

EZ 31 | Master Manifestation

Master Manifestation: If you are missing and lacking something in your life, then you need to start giving it. If you start giving it, you will start to receive more of it.


It is being in the moment no matter what. In our day and age, it can be a challenge to shut off the mind but try. My big thing is meditation. I definitely meditate and I journal. I have a daily spiritual practice that keeps me grounded. Journaling is so big. It helps you. If anybody is wondering, “What is my gift? What am I supposed to give?” The journaling will help you find that for yourself.

Just in the act of writing, you start to discover things. What happens also if you’re doing it with mindfulness is that it then makes you more aligned. You start to see your mind at work. 

If you are stuck, ask yourself, “Who do I need to be to have this life that I want? How do I need to feel?” These are questions that you can ask about your future self of, “Who do I need?” It’s not changing yourself. You’re already there. It’s pulling away all this years and years of the onion layer. Who do I have to be to attract this? In a relationship, a lot of people want a certain relationship. How do you do that? You first have to start by being who you want to attract. We attract the level of love at which we love ourselves and respect ourselves.

We then project out to the other person the reasons why they are falling short because we’re all falling short on ourselves. That’s why two people are coming together to form a whole. One of the things about speaking truth is that it’s useful for us to do it among others and do it frequently and hear it. Part of the journey is the way we elevate each other. None of us are always demonstrating the necessary strength to withstand or overcome our own negative patterns. 

We’re all in this together.

If there’s somebody else around, you can use these words and it can be powerful. Tell us how people can learn more about your world and work with you and benefit from you?

My website is I’m on Facebook as Coach Deborah Knight. My email is I’m @WhereBlissLives on Instagram. I’m having fun over there. That’s a new adventure for me.

We’re leaving you with a few parting words to stimulate your inner Zen for the week. I do want to invite anybody to pop over to this website that we created for our radio show I did not long ago, I was on The Jenny McCarthy Show and I gave away part of my book. I’m still making the offer. If you want to get a part of my book, Buddha in the Trenches, go to and pick it up. If you’ve enjoyed this show, please send your comments to or chime in at Facebook and we’ll definitely get back to you and keep in touch with you. If you’ve got a great topic you’d like to suggest for our future show or take a guest that you’d like me to bring onboard, I’d be happy to investigate that and bring you something of value. If you’d like to learn how to bring me to your company to create a mindful, holistic organization of fearless leaders,

At this point, what I want to do is wrap up our show with a trio of things we always like to do, which are a metaphor, a quote and a challenge for the week. The metaphor that I was thinking about for this week is focus. Imagine you have a pair of binoculars and you want to you want to make sure you see things clearly. You’ve got to focus. You could do the same thing with your vision of your perfect life. Start focusing on the image of the life you want to live. It’s not a general sense but some clarity about what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ve found for myself it’s very useful. The quote is from David McKay who said, “Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.” For my tradition, I am going to ask Deborah if she is willing to share a challenge for the week.

It’s funny my challenge that I had planned was to think of something small that you want to manifest in every single day for four minutes. Get into the feeling of that. Do that and embody it. If you’re having trouble, one of the things I have clients do is start a self-love journal. Every day, what are three items that you are proud of yourself for that you know you did well? It could be, “I opened the door for this gentleman or this woman.” Some people have a hard time with this one. Whatever it is for you, do it for 21-plus days and you cannot do the same thing twice. At the end of it, you will be a better manifester because you will see how beautiful and amazing you are. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. If you let somebody go in traffic, that’s awesome. Good for you.

Thank you so much, Deborah. This has been outstanding. I enjoyed our conversation, I hope our audience has too. When we return, my guest will be linguistics expert and sales trainer, Ross Jeffries. Remember to join us on our next episode. Share this with your friends. Subscribe to my podcast Executive Zen. Visit iTunes, you’ll find my channel there. Have a great week. Remember to live consciously and profit responsibly. Take care.

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