“Doubt is based on a series of lies you’re telling yourself.” -Dr. Steve

One of my wonderful fans brought up the issue of self doubt, not coincidentally as I was struggling with a bit of my own. She wondered if self doubt was the reason for a recent emotional upheaval, but the implication beyond that was whether or not self doubt was, or would be, playing a role in her effectiveness at work.

Self doubt need have no effect whatsoever on your results. Why? Because there are only two things you can doubt. Your worthiness or your integrity. The former is a pointless exercise, because you have no idea of your worthiness, only a positive or negative feeling left over from your childhood. You can ignore it. It’s a lie.

But you can doubt your integrity. Will I do what I said I would? Will I follow through? Of course, the remedy for this kind of self doubt is to grow up and be reliable. Just do it. Again, it really doesn’t matter how you feel. Do that, and there’s nothing left to doubt.

Of course, you can also doubt your likelihood of achieving the desired result. That’s also a waste. You either will or you won’t. It’s largely out of your hands. The only part you control is whether or not you take the steps you said you’d take. And that’s back to integrity. From there, let go of your attachment to the outcome.

So, work on your integrity, let go of your results, and ignore your childhood feelings of unworthiness… eventually self doubt will vanish like any other phantom or bad dream.

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