A few years back, I met up with my ex-girlfriend and her son, and took them for a ride in my airplane for his seventh birthday.

This was his first time in a plane!

Once we got airborne and it was safe, I handed him the controls for a little while and let him fly us. Now, some folks might squirm at this. But I think it’s a wonderful thing when you can give a kid an opportunity like this and build their confidence (in a safe place).

I often take friends for a ride in my plane.

Most of the time when I had them take the controls, they freak out. It’s a really, really strange feeling when you first try it. Not this kid though. He was confident and excited. You should have seen the look on his face!

Almost all of us were like this once upon a time.

Before we had a chance to accumulate the painful memories of failure, rejection, and humiliation, we could try our hands at anything and give it our absolute best — without reservations, or cynicism, or fear.

We’d be “all in”.

But then, like I said, negative feedback changed our beliefs and our sense of what’s possible. Nowadays, when you put yourself “out there” and step into new territory, it’s with trepidation.

You’re only “half in”. You don’t have that same willingness to put yourself out there, bare your heart and soul, and risk rejection or failure.

This negative programming holds you back. It stops you from going for it, from achieving your goals, from building your dreams.

Is there a way to get your mojo back — or, if you never had it, not even as a child, to feel emboldened and empowered for the very first time?


You need to replace all those negative beliefs you accumulated over the years with new positive beliefs that extend your sense of what’s possible and empower you to take action and achieve great things.

Easier said than done.

Those negative beliefs are unconscious. It’s difficult to change your unconscious beliefs, because any time you’re consciously thinking about them, you’re engaging your conscious mind.

That’s where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis isn’t voodoo or anything like that. All we do is, we distract your conscious mind by giving it something to do — like counting backward, or focusing on your breathing. Then, while your conscious mind is distracted, we make some suggestions to your unconscious mind and, voilĂ , your beliefs change quickly and surely. That’s how it works, in a nutshell.

Now, obviously, it’s pretty hard to do this on your own.

Luckily, you don’t need to.

I created an audio program that allows you to hypnotize yourself from the comfort and safety of your own home, and completely reprogram your unconscious mind for success in just 21 days.

This program’s name is Unhypnosis for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs — but I really created it for anyone who wants to unlock their peak potential and achieve something great.

If you were to start listening to this audio program today, then in less than a month’s time, you’ll start every morning with a completely new mindset that empowers you to step out into the world and give your best — free from negative beliefs and fear. You’ll be a powerhouse performer.

This program costs $69, plus shipping.

It’s the next best thing to live, in-person hypnosis, and it’s yours to use forever for just a fraction of the cost of one hypnosis session.

Here’s where you need to go to invest in this program:

(Scroll down to UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs, then click “Add to Cart”.)

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