Members of your organization become the stars!

Dr. Steve’s interactive hypnosis show uses powerful suggestions which safely influence volunteers from the audience to perform hysterical acts such as: being blocked by an invisible wall; forgetting their own name; milking a cow to win a $10,000 contest; conducting an orchestra; and other out-of-character routines causing side-splitting laughter and fun for both the audience and the participants…who leave feeling GREAT!

Entertainment…your way

Just like his Keynote presentations, Dr. Steve will customize his show for your organization, resulting in
a memorable and extremely entertaining performance that’s bound to exceed your expectations.

To date, Dr. Steve has hypnotized over 40,000 people. His top rated show has earned him the accolade, “America’s Funniest Hypnotist.”

"You were a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10!"
Tom Chenault, Radio Personality
"I've seen a few hypnotists but you are by far the best. The show was amazing..
You truly are a gifted person, hope to see you soon..."
Sha Dow, NAP
"Steve is one of the most experienced hypnotists in the market, and frankly, taught me everything that I know. I wouldn't even be in the business if it weren't for him. You can't go wrong with his show - it's hilarious, professional and always top-notch, and he has a huge amount of experience with a variety of venues."
Roderick Russell, Mentalist
"For the first time ever, I'm at a loss for words. Your recent outstanding performance for the MLMIA Annual Worldwide Conference was a fun, fascinating, unusual, educational event we will long remember. Our guests from the Philippines, Thailand, and Nepal, as well as our many other members and attendees were totally entertained with your delightful sense of humor; and your unconventional acts in the hypnosis realm were absolutely amazing!"
Doris Wood, President and Founder, MLMIA
"I enjoyed your show on Saturday night so much. I literally laughed until I had tears rolling down my cheeks. You were truly brilliant. The gift you gave everyone in teaching how to remove our fears within the subconscious mind is a tool that will be used, sharpened, and used again. THANK YOU so much for the difference you made in so many lives in such a short time."
Kathryn Andree, ANMP
"I came away feeling deeply encouraged.
What I’ve been missing has been practical “how-to’s” given the limitations I currently have to work with. Up to now, I’ve encountered well meaning people who hadn’t a clue about how to help me with the practicalities. You registered what my recent experience has been, AND had practical help for me. So thank you great big bunches, and I look forward to being in touch."
Deborah G. Alicen, PhD
"Thanks you, Dr. Steve!
The hypnosis session you had with me made a profound difference and helped me get past some persistent blocks. I was able to get back in the game and be a more effective leader from just our brief time together. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to become more successful! I swear by your technique. I feel AMAZING!"
Christy Dreiling, National VP (Arbonne)

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