I get more confused looks when I tell people about UnHypnosis than you can possibly imagine. “What the @#$% is UnHypnosis?” is the way it usually comes out. So let me explain it in simple terms. UnHypnosis is the process by which you can wake up from the hypnosis that is your life.

We like to believe we’re living freely and authentically, but it’s simply not true. We’re bound and directed in a million ways by the hypnotic programming we received in childhood and reinforced from then on. Some examples of our hypnotic programming are:

  • We set goals and never attain them
  • We give up on our dreams
  • We live someone else’s dream for us
  • We find ourselves in fights we don’t remember starting
  • We addictively demand that life be something other than what it is
  • We live without vibrancy…stressed, unhappy, depressed, anxious, and hopeless
  • We get hooked on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, and bad relationships

Being an effective business person, sales person, healer, teacher, clerk… or human being in general requires UnHypnosis. Another way to say that is we MUST LEARN TO LIVE MINDFULLY!

A life beyond hypnotic programming is a mindful life; a life of deep presence. In that state, we give and receive abundant love, we take risks and experience life as an adventure, we vanquish stress, conflict, and hopelessness…and we develop tools to become more prosperous, healthy and happy.

So, how mindful are you? Well, you can get some idea based on your level of happiness and your freedom from stress. If you want a better idea of your degree of mindfulness; your level of UnHypnosis; take our free online assessment. Live Awake!

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