Fun Will Bring Success In Direct Sales

You know how ideas arise and fly around your head like butterflies, seldom landing where you can catch them? As I chase my mental butterflies, I often do my best to express the ideas they embody, but only when I get really excited do I realize that one has landed. You know when you have a good idea and you know when you’ve got a great idea; one that’s perfectly suited to you and which represents a unique concept to which only you can do justice. Selling with fun is such an idea for me. I absolutely believe that it’s the perfect expression of what it is that I do and why I’ve been as successful as I’ve been.

I’m all about fun. It’s probably, along with freedom, my top priority. When I conceive an idea, it has to be fun or it stays on the drawing board. When I contact a lead, I need to project fun. When I enroll people in a new program, fun is the impetus that moves them forward. thoughts on butterfly

Here’s what I like about fun. It’s like a hug (no I’m not getting all gushy and soft; follow this). You can’t hug someone without getting a hug. You can’t give fun without getting fun. It’s the perfect win-win formula. If you’re dedicated to creating a fun environment, like a cloud or aura around you, people will want to do business with you. And, they’ll want to tell others.

Getting Past The Gatekeeper With Fun

Let me just leave you with one random thought. If you’re in direct sales and using the phone to cold call and generate phone sales or to cultivate leads, chances are you’ve been blocked by a gatekeeper; a secretary or administrative assistant who keeps you from talking with the person you’re trying to reach.

Why not include him or her in the fun? Get to know them. Be lighthearted in your approach. Ask about their day. Tell them a funny story you just heard. Respect their time and be brief, but make sure that in the short period of your interaction, they get to feel your personality. I bet if you start doing that, you’ll substantially increase the number of calls that get through or the number of call backs you get.

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