Let me show you one of my favorite “routines”:

Often, when I’m doing a gig, I’ll look for the shyest, most reserved-looking volunteer I can find. Then I’ll hypnotize her — normally it’s a woman, though not always — into believing that she’s a motivational speaker.

Here’s the result:

This is funny! It always gets folks laughing, cheering, and screaming. In fact, even though I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done this one, even now it still blows my mind and cracks me up.

But there’s a serious message behind this experience.

Although it always makes me feel warm inside when I see how much it affects people and gives them joy, part of me feels sad too.

Here’s why:

If the truth be told, I didn’t really hypnotize the woman in this video. I didn’t give her any special powers or anything.

All I did was UN-hypnotize her.

Momentarily, I got her to forget about the chains and shackles of fear that she drags around during her daily life. For a few minutes, she forgot about her perceived “limitations” and gave her absolute best.

Take a look at that woman’s face.

Can you see? There’s not a hint of fear or cynicism on her face — just pure, unapologetic sincerity and a desire to give herself fully.

Personally, I believe this is our natural state.

This is who we should be, who we could be, who we would be — if society hadn’t hypnotized us into walking through our lives half-alive, burdened by fear, and cynicism, and apprehension.

I’ve done this same routine for years.

Never gets old.

What I love most about it is that this routine changes people.

It makes them think differently about who they are, what is possible, and what they’re capable of achieving — both at work and at home.

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